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A Sales Person's Essential Training Series


Welcome to Essential Training Series, This new Selling Skill series is made of 14 short videos and focuses on A Sales Person's Essential Training.

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QuickSell0:06:19Today's customers are busy with no time to waste on forming personal relationships with their sellers. Learning the Quicksell is fast, easy, and it works!
Closing the Sale0:05:25In business, nothing happens until the sale is closed. Sometimes closing is hard, and we risk getting a "no". Watch this course for tips and tricks on how to close the sale.
No, But, If0:05:33Your customers will always be asking you for "stuff". As sellers, we are conditioned to say "Yes." No, But If training will help you to say "no" while still keeping your retailers satisfied.
Determining Customer Needs0:04:25We need to figure out what our customers really need. Without a need, don't proceed!
Handling Tough Customers0:05:30What makes a customer "tough"? What type of personality does a tough customer have? Watch this course for the answers to these questions and more!
Customer Service Basics0:15:42These customers of ours can be mystifying. What do they want? This ej4 class attempts to remove the mystery and make one simple point: To keep customers satisfied, meet their UnMet Needs. But how? Watch and learn.
Selling To Different Customer Roles0:05:41If satisfying the Customer Need is the key to the sale (which it is), then it stands to reason that the class: Determining Customer Needs is where the locksmith works. But there is always one more thing to learn about your customer. This class shows how customers who work in different roles have different-sometimes very selfish-needs. If you try to sell the same benefit of your solution to every buyer in a particular account, some respond and others don't. The answer is that they have a different perspective as to what is needed. because they have a different area of responsibility. Figure it all out in this fast moving class.
Selling In New Products0:05:56How do you get customers to welcome new products with open arms? Always go back to traffic and transaction size. Your retailer wants those to increase, convince them your new product will increase traffic and transaction.
Turning Features into Benefits0:07:25One of the things that is key to being a successful sales person is knowing how to turn a feature into a benefit. Watch this course for tips on how to get that done.
Building GREAT Sales Relationships0:06:34We've all heard that "customers buy from people they like." Building a great personal relationship is a key factor in long-term sales success. This program shows how to solidify the business relationship by strengthening the personal relationship, and provides techniques for getting to know customers better and helping them to open up.
Speaking Customer0:03:20Is it important to speak the same language as your customers? Yes, it is! Find out more here.
When to Shut Up0:07:53Zipping it can be a very important part of the sale. It can be the difference between making that sale and walking out the door with nothing. Silence is golden. Understand how to use silence to in negotiating and how different types of personalities welcome the silence.
Smile!0:07:15Smiling has a great impact on ourselves and those around us. Smiling affects everything from our health to our work productivity. This course reviews the positive outcomes of smiling and it gives advice on how to practice a genuine smile.
Defeating Stalls0:05:24Whoever said, "The customer is always right," was wrong! This is because a customer who stalls is wrong. They should be buying, not stalling. Watch this course to learn more about defending customer stalls.


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A Sales Person's Essential Training Series
A Sales Person's Essential Training Series

Welcome to Essential Training Series, This new Selling Skill series is made of 14 short videos and focuses on A Sales Person's Essential Training.

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