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Safety Basics Training Series


In this program, We're going to talk about General Safety Requirements in serval topics, This series is only made of 12 short videos on Safety Basics.

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Safety Basics:

Aerial Lift Safety0:08:14In this program we're going to talk about general safety requirements that apply to lift devices - specifically scissor lifts and aerial lifts. Before operating any type of lift, you need to be trained and have the proper qualifications. This course is meant to be a basic overview on the safety of these devices and watching it does not qualify you to operate any type of lift we discuss. There is a lot to talk about when understanding the safe operation of a lift device. Each brand name will have different characteristics and it's important that you understand what those are and understand how to operate your lift safely.
Two-Wheeled Handcart0:06:42This seemingly simple tool of our trade is a bit more complex than we think. Do you push or pull? What is the balance point? How much of a load is too much of a load? And, what do you do about stairs? This fast paced presentation will not make you an expert but it will shorten the time you need to become an expert.
Hearing Conservation0:10:26What are you missing when you damage your hearing? Can hearing damage be repaired? Watch this course to learn how hearing damage occurs and how you can avoid it.
Safety First: Slips, Trips, and Falls0:04:12Safety in the office should be top priority. Watch this course to review the most common ways workers are injured and how to prevent those types of injuries.
Back SMARTS0:07:40You want to be smart about your back. If you're out of commission, you're worthless to yourself and your employer. Watch this course for helpful tips on Back Smarts.
Portable Fire Extinguishers0:04:59Most people are capable of using a fire extinguisher and it's important to know how to use them. In addition to fire extinguishers, this course will teach you some fire prevention basics, including types of fire hazards and types of fires.
Emergency Exits0:09:03The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that every workplace have a means of allowing employees to safely exit from the building in case of fire or other emergency. This program is an overview of what is required for most employers.
Working in Cold Weather0:04:55There are a lot of cold work places and it's important to know how to safely work in them. Among other things, this course reviews the symptoms of hypothermia & frostbite, first aid and protective clothing.
Cold Stress0:05:52The weather is something that we all have to deal with, good or bad. There are two major health conditions you need to be concerned with when working in cold weather: hypothermia and frostbite.
Working In Hot Weather0:06:09There are a lot of hot work places and it's important to know how to safely work in them. The course will review heat related illnesses and how to treat them, how accidents may be caused by heat, and more.
Heat Stress0:04:17Heat stress occurs when the body is unable to cool itself due to excessive exposure to high temperatures, high humidity, or physical exertion. Heat stress occurs both inside and outside. It can lead to series illness, and sometimes even death. The good news is that heat stress CAN be avoided.
Robbery Safety0:02:58Your safety is our number one priority. Hopefully you will make it through your careers and even your entire lives without being robbed! But it is something that we should think about. A lot can go wrong if you either aren't prepared for, or if you aren't smart about a robbery situation during and after it occurs.


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Safety Basics Training Series
Safety Basics Training Series

In this program, We're going to talk about General Safety Requirements in serval topics, This series is only made of 12 short videos on Safety Basics . See long discription below for more details...

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