Becoming A Great Leader Training Series


This training Series focuses on developing leadership, and discusses many elements of becoming a great leader. This training series is made of 14 short video courses, check the detail description for the entire list.

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Becoming a Great Leader: Introduction0:06:31A leader is someone who leads or commands a group of people. Most people believe that some are born leaders while in fact most leaders are MADE. Being a leader is not only about directing someone or something, but about giving guidance.
Becoming a Great Leader: Fundamentals0:05:12What are LEADERSHIP fundamentals? The question that's most often asked is, "What's the best leadership style?" The answer: there isn't one. There are lots of different ways to be a leader. How do you know which leadership style is best for you? We'll help you figure that out.
Becoming a Great Leader: Characteristics0:04:16What makes a great leader? The simple answer is: A leader is a collection of traits that work well together. So what are those traits? We're going to go through the list, and breakdown each of the traits and characteristics a good leader has.
Becoming a Great Leader: Leadership and Power0:04:57How do leaders get their followers? To get the answer, you have to understand the relationship between Leadership and Power. Power is defined as "the ability to do something in a particular way." The word "POWER" suggest a very dictatorial, do it "my way or the highway" style of leadership. In most situations, this autocratic style doesn't work. So which leadership style DOES work?
Becoming a Great Leader: How to be a Follow-able Leader0:09:11Who is your most follow-able leader? Why? Watch this course to understand what makes a leader follow-able.
Becoming a Great Leader: How to Motivate Employees0:09:26One of the most often asked questions from managers is, "How do I motivate employees?" Research shows that there are six hallmarks of a motivating experience ... and a video game fits them all perfectly! This program explains what an ideal motivating work experience is, and shows you how you can create a "video game environment" at work.
Becoming a Great Leader: Creating Followership0:05:12If you're going to be a leader, you need followers. How do you get those followers? As a leader, you have to set up an environment that creates people who WANT to follow you. How do you do that? By making some simple, conscientious efforts.
Becoming a Great Leader: Motivational Leadership0:05:01So what makes a great motivational leader? You have to be able to recognize the motivational truths in your employees. You may learn that not everybody is completely unmotivated.
Becoming a Great Leader: Effective Delegation0:04:26Can you do everything your organization needs to get done all by yourself? Can you handle all of those responsibilities? A good leader answers that question with a "No." To keep focused on your company's goals, you need to delegate your tasks.
Becoming a Great Leader: Empowering Followers0:04:02As a leader, how do you empower your employees, your "followers?" It starts with a vision. Your vision for the organization is to have an empowered company, where employees are able to make a difference.
Becoming a Great Leader: Building an Effective Leadership Team0:06:41Teams productively working together can be far more effective than individuals working separately. It's particularly important for an organization to build a cohesive leadership team. This program defines the three types of teams, explains the behaviors that drive team productivity, and provides a checklist for building effective leadership teams.
Becoming a Great Leader: Developing Followers0:04:55How do you get employees to be excited to be part of your team? It's all about developing followership. Followership refers to a role held by certain individuals in an organization, team, or group. It's the capacity or willingness of an individual to actively follow a leader and it's a process.
Becoming a Great Leader: Developing Yourself0:04:10You know what it takes to be a good leader. You know what it takes to develop a follower. So now the question is, how do you develop yourself as a leader?
Becoming a Great Leader: Putting It All Together0:06:42By now you know what makes a great leader, you know what characteristics a leader should have, you know the difference between leadership and power, you know how to create followers, and you know how to develop yourself as a leader. So how do you put all of these things together to be the best possible leader for your organization?


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Becoming A Great Leader Training Series
Becoming A Great Leader Training Series

This training Series focuses on developing leadership, and discusses many elements of becoming a great leader. This training series is made of 14 short video courses, check the detail description for the entire list.

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