e - SKY Solutions offers organizations the flexibility to purchase multiple licenses directly on our website , with the ability to track your employees progress [ideal for small to mid - size companies], or have us install a private LMS to manage your employees training.

We have a variety of courses for multiple providers, so you never have to be stuck with only one provider. You deserve to pick and choose exactly what you want your employees to learn.

In today's fast - paced corporate environment, ensuring your employees have the skills they need is more important t han ever. Corporate training is the practice of providing your employees with new skills and information to increase productivity and work quality. Corporate training can be used to transfer technical skills, corporate ethics and best practices or tool ins truction to your employees

Today, 80% of companies outsource at least part of their workforce. The best way to train these global employees is through online learning. e - SKY can help global companies increase productivity and save money by training employ ees at the same time online.

At e - SKY, we are committed to creating the best online learning experience for your workers. Using expert classroom training, our course developers will work with you one - on - one to create courses that best work for you. Our str eamlined process can quickly transform your ideas, systems and programs into effective online training. By combining our rapid and dynamic course

experience with your training needs, e - SKY delivers world - class online training for every company.

Other benef its of online training versus classroom instruction is highlighted in the chart below.

e-SKY online training
Classroom instruction
Offers multi - license
discounts for businesses
Cost of instructor, multiple
sessions and transportation
Courses can be completed
in a few hours at one time
Multiple sessions stop
work and are less efficient
Flexibility to take courses when you want to
Sessions planned for specific times
Employers can track employees progress
Lack of supervision
Employers can't track employees progress
Proven results
Students perform better in online learning conditions
versus face - to - face instruction
(SRI International for the Department of Education)
Uncertain results
The results of face
- to - face instruction are not guaranteed

We can help with the following aspects

  • Compliance training
  • Financial Compliance training
  • Ethics Training
  • Microsoft office
  • Basic computer training
  • Presentation Skill
  • etc
Ethics Training: Taking your company to the next level

Promoting ethics in the workplace is just good business. That's why so many Fortune 500 companies invest in ethical training for all of their employees. You can take your company to the next level by making ethics training an intrical component of each emp loyee's career. Ethics training can improve a work environment on many levels. Studying business ethics and deontology:

  • Improves work environment and creates unity among employees
  • Increases performance and efficiency by enabling employees to differentiate between ethical problems and non - ethical problems
  • Establishes corporate rules and guidelines
  • Causes employees to think twice before making decisions that go against company policy
  • Helps global corporations create common ground for world - wide employees
  • Reduces future litigation costs by preventing ethical dilemmas

How do employees use ethics training?

Ethics training is proven to impact employees in a variety of ways. It directly aff ects how employees conduct their work in how they handle their e - mail, company equipment conflicts of interest and bribery.

How does e - SKY help with ethics training?

e - SKY's expert team of course builders will work with your corporation individually to cre ate an ethics course that reflects your company's code of conduct and best practices. These custom ethics courses will help your business imbed your corporation's culture, policies and code of conduct in each employee.

We also are affiliated with content providers who specialize i n ethics, deontology and compliance training. We will not rest, till you find what you are looking for


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Working with the e-SKY.ca team has been a delight. They are professional, quick, understood our needs and helped put the right solution in place that meet our business needs.

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