e-SKY Production is a trade name and strategic business unit, operating under SedraCorp Inc, which is solely focused on video production.

e-SKY Production was created to focus on the instructional video side of the business. Having developed this expertise we have expanded our service offering in the last year to the following:

  • Custom Courses [Instructional Videos]
  • Promotional Videos [TV, Online Commercials]
CUSTOME COURSES [Instructional Videos]

Our professional video production crew will make it easy and fun to create your custom courses. The final product will always look professional and best in class. We leverage green-screen technology and high-end CGI computer Graphical Imagery, combined with 3D animation to create courses that are visually stunning and effective for learning.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS [TV, Online Commercials]

From the moment we sit with your team to capture your requirements, to the writing of the screenplay, screen shots and the shooting; you will clearly realize the e-sky difference. Whether its for a trade show, TV commercial, or for your online advertizing, our videos will leave a marking impression on your potential customers.


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Bola Gendy

President and CEO

Working with the e-SKY.ca team has been a delight. They are professional, quick, understood our needs and helped put the right solution in place that meet our business needs.

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